With a shared mailbox, you can create one mailbox which is accessible by one or more users. Compared to a group, a shared mailbox has one place where the received and send e-mails exists while a group forwards the e-mail to the members and each member has to manage the e-mail by themselves.

  1. Access the Exchange portal.
  2. Click on Shared (located in recipients).
  3. Click on Plus +.
  4. Enter the display name. This is the name that will be shown with the receivers of e-mails send by the shared mailbox.
  5. Enter the e-mail address without the domain in E-mail address. Select the desired domain in the dropdown next to the text input field.
  6. Click with users on the plus + to grant access to the shared mailbox for specific users.
  7. Click on More options to add an alias. This can be added afterwards. Adding multiple aliases has to be done afterwards.
  8. Click on Save.