We send automated e-mails as a reminder of the domain status with us. Even when you have renewed the domain, you might receive this e-mail. This article explains if you need to do something.

If you already have paid for the renewal and did receive a payment confirmation, you can ignore the e-mail. We will renew the domain before it expires.

Have you not paid yet? In that case we suggest that you pay for the renewal to prevent quarantine.

Do you not want to renew the domain? Make sure that you have disabled automated renewal in our client area.

Dear John,

This message is a reminder regarding the upcoming expiration date of your domain name yourdomain.com in accordance with the ICANN Expired Registration Recovery Policy (http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registrars/consensus-policies/errp).

According to our records, the domain name is currently registered until:

2020-03-16 10:46:59

Your domain name can be renewed in accordance with the terms of your service provider. If you wish to renew your domain, please visit the website of your provider for further information and make sure payment for the renewal is made in time. Depending on the terms of your agreement with your service provider, renewal may be automatic.

Kind regards,