How to login as root on your VPS

Modified on Wed, 13 Oct 2021 at 08:31 PM

All our default templates require you to log in as a regular user and perform sudo. However, we also have specific templates where you can login using root.

Note: when ordering the service, make sure that you fill in the username root. If you did not, contact us, so we can change the username for you.

Make sure that you have used a template with the name root-login. For help, contact us.

How to change the root password

Step 1 Find the server in the client area. Go to Services -> My services and click on the server.

Step 2 Click on Change Password and fill in your password.

Step 3 Click on Information. Click on Shutdown. When the server is shut down, click Start. This will configure your VPS with the root password.

Step 4 Use your SSH client (Gitbash for windows, ssh on command line for MacOS and Linux) to connect. You can use this command where you replace the username and IP with your servers.
ssh root@

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