At, you can connect to your VPS using VNC. This is an alternative to Remote desktop (although they do not share all the features). With VNC you can basically do the same as when you have the physical server with a screen, mouse and keyboard attached to it. You have full control of the VPS.

Combine this with the powerful tools of where you can mount your own ISO's and control your server.

Step 1 Find the server in the client area. Go to Services -> My services and click on the server.

Step 2 Choose noVNC Console, Spice Console or Xterm.js Console. Not all of them may be available, depending on the server setup. If you have used a template for your server, we recommend Xterm.js.

Step 3 When the new connection has opened, hit the enter button a few times. This will open the VNC connection. In some cases, it may take some time.


Done! You are good to go. Do note that you will need to configure the root password using the SSH connection. You can learn here how to do this.