It is always possible that e-mails of us arrive in your spam folder despite our efforts to get it in your inbox. We use an e-mail server with a high reputation to ensure that the e-mail arrives in your inbox. In the event you can not find the e-mail because of this or in case you have lost the e-mail, you can always find the e-mail in the client area.

E-mail log

Every e-mail, like service e-mails and tickets, are logged in the e-mail log. You can find the e-mails using the following steps:

  1. Log in to the client area of
  2. Click on Hello, your name!
  3. Click on E-mail History
  4. Click on View Message next to the e-mail you want to read.

Privacy: Only e-mails of the client area are logged

We respect your privacy and only log the e-mails that are send via the client area. This means that e-mail that are send by, for example, our web hosting service are not logged in our client area.