Why is my disk usage high in Plesk

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You may get a notification saying that you have a high disk usage in Plesk. In this article, you will learn how to find out what is using so much space in Plesk using visual explanations.

Plesk has by default a statistics page, which provides a general data usage overview.

Cleaning up e-mails

When you are using IMAP or the webmail client, you can delete e-mails and reduce space usage on the server. This method does not work for POP3 connections. Please note that in general e-mails without attachments are less than 100 KB in size. This means, if you want to clean up 1 GB of storage (1048576 KB), you would need to delete at least 10.500 e-mails.

Note: when deleting e-mails, do not forget to empty the recycle bin.

Because cleaning up is a time-consuming task, we would like to draw your attention to the following. Our experience is that customers attempt to tidy up their email box, only to find out that they especially want to keep the large emails, and as a result, almost no space is freed up. Ultimately, almost everyone decides to purchase more space.

Cleaning up web and log files

When the Plesk statistics confirm that the web and log items have a high disk usage, you can utilize the Diskspace Usage app. Here, you can find the large files and either delete them or find the culprit. In some cases, applications log a high number of errors, causing the logs files to be huge. Before deleting the log files, be sure to download them and analyse the issue.

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