How to fix 508 Resource Limit is Reached

Modified on Sat, 16 Oct 2021 at 11:13 AM

To increase the stability of the server, we manage the resources of every account. In some situations you may experience 508 Resource Limit is Reached. This indicates that your account and it's websites heavily use the server. In table 1 you can find some of the causes. In normal situations, the notice goes away quickly. If it does not or you can not find the cause, please contact us.

If we did not manage the resource of your account it is likely that your website may have slowed down other clients or ultimately could have brought down the entire server. You can find the type of resource limit by using the article How to view the system resource usage.


Backup plugin/module
Plugins/modules that create a backup can be CPU, memory and disk heavy. Smart backup plugins usually have an incremental backup feature. Make sure that this is enabled.
Plugin/module with heavy background tasks
In some installations, plugins/modules are present that run major operations in the background. An example could be a plugin to optimise images. Check if these plugins are necessary and if there is an other solution (e.a. optimising images on your computer).
Heavy or slow websites
A heavy/slow website can go down with just a few visitors. We recommend to check what makes the website slow. Usually, it helps to reduce the amount of plugins and adding a caching plugin helps reducing the load on the server as well.
High traffic volume
A high volume of traffic/visitors can also cause to overload your website. Contact us when you are expecting a high amount of visitors to prevent that your website will be unreachable.

 Table 1 - Potential causes for 508 Resource Limit is Reached

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