1. Navigate to DirectAdmin and go to User Level.
  2. Go the Advanced Featuresand click on Resource Usage.
  3. Go to Analysing limits.


  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Go to MetricsCPU and Concurrent Connection Usageor enter in the search bar CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage.
  3. Go to Analysing limits.

Analysing limits

  1. When your account has reached any limit, you can find this here. If you have reached a limit, it is normal to see a high number of times when the limit was reached. This is because PHP scripts usually continue to run and quickly hit the same limit again and again.
  2. Click on Details. Loading the graph may take some time.
  3. In table 1 you can view the legend for the table with all limits. In the interactive graphs you can find the exact times when the limits were hit.
Processing Power
pMEM (MB) 
Amount of memory used simultaneously.
Number of simultaneous started processes (e.g. new requests to the webserver made at the same time).
Total number of processes.
IO (KB/s)
Amount of I/O performed on the SSD.
Amount of read and write operations executed on the SSD.
Average usage of the resource.
Number of errors due to hitting the limit.
Configured limit.

 Table 1 - Legen with CloudLinux acronyms.