Which LiteSpeed license do I need for my server?

Modified on Sun, 17 Oct 2021 at 04:22 PM

LiteSpeed is a web-server with large performance improvements and is available for various applications. There are various LiteSpeed licenses available. The best license for you depends on several factors which will be highlighted in this article. Depending on what you need, you can select the best license for you.

The LiteSpeed licensing factors

  1. The number of domains. Each domain, including demo domains, are counted. Subdomains are unlimited and aliased/parked domains are not counted.
  2. The number of workers.
  3. The RAM available in the server.

LiteSpeed recommends to dedicated 25% of your server capacity to the workers of your server. Each worker can handle tasks such as routing, SSL encryption/decryption, caching, rewriting, serving static content, etc..  PHP and MySQL are not counted towards the worker limit and LiteSpeed is very efficient.

If you are unsure how many workers you need, we recommend to start with one worker. LiteSpeed is very efficient, and we only recommend more workers when you serve a high number of simultaneous connections. You can find more information about the licensing here.

The available LiteSpeed licenses

All licenses are per month and per server. There is no difference between a phyiscal or a virtual server. The minimum term of a license is one month.

NameDomainsWorkersRAMPrice per month
Free Starter11< 2 GBFree
Site Owner51< 8 GB€ 10
Site Owner Plus51Unlimited€ 16
Web Host LiteUnlimited1< 8 GB€ 26
Web Host EssentialUnlimited1unlimited€ 36
Web Host ProfessionalUnlimited2unlimited€ 46
Web Host EliteUnlimitedUnlimitedunlimited€ 92

LiteSpeed Magento extension

There are three versions of the LiteSpeed Magento integration. The integration is only available with the Site Owner license and higher.

NamePublicly cached objects limitPrice per month
LiteMage Starter 1,500 per Magento install/userFree
LiteMage Standard25,000 per Magento install/user€ 40,- per server
LiteMage UnlimitedUnlimited objects per install/user€ 100,- per server

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