Why is my e-mail delayed and not delivered with the recipient?

Modified on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 03:16 PM

Email delivery delays can be a source of frustration for both businesses and their customers. In this article, we discuss how we rely on the cooperation between us. Microsoft and other email parties to ensure a smooth and efficient email delivery process, what we do when the receiving server is offline, and how we utilize multiple mail locations and networks to bypass blockages if necessary.

Emails that you send are sent through our Dutch servers. It is possible that the recipient uses foreign companies or software, including those of Microsoft and Google.

The role of Microsoft and other email parties in email delivery

Microsoft and other email parties play a significant role in the world of email delivery, as many businesses use their email systems. Sometimes, these parties may need extra time to accept new emails from business servers, which can lead to delays in email delivery. Although we do everything they can to make email delivery as smooth as possible, we ultimately depend on parties like Microsoft to accept and process emails.

Using clusters with different mail locations and networks

To bypass potential blockages and minimize the likelihood of delays, we use a cluster of three different mail locations and networks. By operating in this manner, we can be more flexible in sending emails and increase the chances of emails being delivered promptly, even if one of the networks encounters issues.

Collaboration for better email delivery

To minimize email delivery delays, we continuously work on improving their relationship with Microsoft and other email parties. This includes maintaining open communication, monitoring email sending processes, and adapting to the demands and guidelines of these parties. By working closely together, Yourwebhoster.eu and email parties can improve email delivery for everyone.

Approach when receiving servers are offline

According to the RFC (Request for Comments) specifications, we attempt to deliver emails multiple times when the receiving server is offline. Typically, the email is retried for delivery over a period of up to five days, with intervals increasing after each failed attempt. If the email still cannot be delivered after this period, it is usually considered undeliverable and returned to the sender.

Limitations and challenges

While collaboration between Yourwebhoster.eu, Microsoft, and other email parties is crucial, there are times when we have limited control over the situation. After all, these parties manage their own email systems. Despite these challenges, Yourwebhoster.eu is committed to providing the best possible service and continue to seek ways to improve their email delivery performance.


Email delivery delays can be frustrating, but by working closely with Microsoft and other email parties, we can minimize these delays. By using a cluster of three different mail locations and networks, Yourwebhoster.eu can be more flexible and bypass blockages when necessary. It requires patience and understanding from both businesses and their customers, but with joint efforts, we can strive for faster and more efficient email delivery for everyone.

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