In this article you will find the settings required for the services of We recommend to check the manual of your e-mail client to configure your e-mail client using these settings.

Configuring your e-mail client


There are several protocols available for downloading your e-mails: IMAP and POP3. We recommend to use IMAP as this method is the most use-friendly and has the most features.

IMAP features (reading e-mails)

  • Synchronise e-mails: mark an e-mail read on one device and synchronise this with all your devices. Or move an e-mail to a different folder at once for all devices.
  • Stored securely on the server. Your e-mails are still available, even when your computer crashed.

POP3 features (reading e-mails)

  • E-mails can be deleted after downloading. This saves up space.
  • Not useful in case multiple devices or users are connected to the same POP3 account and there is no backup.

SMTP (sending e-mails)

  • You can send encrypted and unencrypted e-mails through SMTP.


Your can use or as server name. When you get a SSL certificate error, please make sure to request a free wildcard SSL certificate and make sure it is activated for the mail service as well.

Ports and encryptions

SSL / Encryption type
Authentication required