How to view Cron log files in cPanel

Modified on Mon, 17 Oct 2022 at 07:58 PM

In cPanel there is no feature to view the cron logs files using a built-in feature. However, by using the terminal feature, you can view the cron log files using cPanel. To use this feature, you will need WHM access and the terminal feature enabled. This kind of access is only available to server owners.

This article shows a more technical way to access your logs. Some technical skills are required. The terminal is connection to the server at the highest level with full control over the server. Make sure that you only use the command below if you are not familiar with this. Otherwise, you may risk that you damage your server permanently. We do not take responsibility for any results by using this article.

Step 1 Log in to WHM. You can probably use

Step 2 Navigate to Server Configuration -> Terminal.

Step 3 Run one of the following commands:

cat /var/log/cron
This command returns the entire log output to your screen. This, however, may be a large output depending on the number of crons configured and how often they are executed.
Using this command can overload your browser.
more /var/log/cron
By running more, you can output the cron log to your screen and navigate with your arrow keys up and down.
tail -f /var/log/cron
This command is useful to track the executed crons while you run the command. When executing this command, the last logged lines are shown. Keep this command running to track newly added logs. Depending on the number of crons, this can take some time

E.g. you can run this 10 minutes to see if a command is executed every minute or so. If there is no log containing the configured cron, it means that it is configured incorrectly.

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