Acronis provides an automatic way to update the Acronis Cyber Backup agents using the control panel.

Step 1 - Download the Acronis update file

  1. Navigate to and authenticate.
  2. Go to Devices -> All Devices.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Select Linux.
  5. Download the file and upload the file to your Linux machine.

To download the file directly to your server, right-click on Linux and copy the URL. Next, run the following command:

wget "URL" -O ./acronis.bin; chmod +x acronis.bin

Note: replace the URL with the actual URL.

Step 2 - Update Acronis

  1. Select Agent for Linux and click Next.

  2. Acronis will install the new packages. This process can take a couple of minutes.
  3. Once done, the upgrade has completed. No registration is required.