To delete the agent, you will need to download the installation file.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Add.
  3. Select Linux in Servers.
  4. A download will pop-up. Transfer the download to the server you want to install the agent on.
    Tip: Cancel the download if you wish to install the agent on a different machine and right-click -> copy download URL (if supported by your browser). Then, execute:
    wget "http://replace_with_downloadurl" -O Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin on the target server.
  5. Run chmod +x Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin
  6. Run ./Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin -u

For more information regarding Acronis Cloud Backup you can use the official Acronis Cloud backup documentation.