How to transfer Plesk accounts to another Plesk server without root access and Plesk migrator

Modified on Wed, 13 Oct 2021 at 09:06 PM

When you do not have root access to a server, you can still migrate your Plesk account to our server. The process requires more manual work, but does allow full migrations including e-mail and websites hosted with the original Plesk server.


  • You can create and download backups
  • You have at least the same amount of space available on the new account.
  • You have at least the used resources (e.g. limited e-mail accounts) available.
  • You have a new and old Plesk account. Are you looking for a new place to host your website? Check out out Plesk plans here: High-end European Plesk hosting.
  • Make sure the DNS TTL is reduced to 300 at least 24 hours prior the migration.

In this article, we will be using the following definitions:

Original Plesk server - The website(s) are currently hosted on the original server. You want to migrate them away from this server.

New Plesk server - You want to migrate the website(s) to this server.

Steps to transfer a Plesk account without root access or Plesk migrator

1- Preparations

Step 1 Access the New Plesk server.

Step 2 Create the domains that exist in the Original Plesk server in the New Plesk server.
Tip: When domains of the Original Plesk Server do not exist, the transfer will fail.

Step 3 On the Original Plesk Server, navigate to Backup Manager.

Step 4 Click on Back Up.

Step 5 Make sure that the following settings are configured: 

Back up
  • Domain configuration
  • Mail configuration and content
  • User files and databases

Enter a note about the migration. E.g. backup for migration.
Exclude log filesExclude specific files from the backup
Make sure the following is unchecked
When a backup task is completed, send a notification email to
This is optional.

Step 6 Click OK. Wait until the backup is made.

Step 7 Download the backup. The password is optional.

Warning! Changes made after the backup is made and restoring the backup is not migrated.

2 - Uploading the backup

Step 8 On the New Plesk Server, navigate to Backup manager.

Step 9 Click on Upload.

Step 10 Select the backup file.

Step 11 Uncheck "Upload backup files without a valid signature".

Step 12 Enter a password when you have selected this when downloading the backup.

Step 13 Click on OK. The backup is now being uploaded. This may take some time.

3 - Restoring the backup

Step 14 Click on the backup you have uploaded.

Step 15 Select "All objects (entire system)". Make sure that all components are selected.

Step 16 Click Restore. The data is being restored. This may take some time

Note: when your backup file is over 2 GB, make sure to use a remote storage server instead. Need help with this? Contact us.

4 - Updating the DNS

Step 17 Change your hosts file (see Change your Windows hosts file) and test if the website works.

Tip: Check if the PHP version is correct. In PHP settings, change the version to 7.4 (even when you need a different version) and Fast-cgi. After that, go to the PHP selector and change the PHP version to the desired version.

Step 18 When everything works, you can change the DNS in the Original Plesk server

Step 19 You can transfer the domain to us or change the nameservers to ours to manage the DNS settings. 

When you have problems with transferring the website to our servers, you can always contact us for assistance. 

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