To conduct an investigation properly, we ask for additional information and situation-specific details. This information is necessary because it allows us to find information in our logs and relate it to your report.

Please note that if you do not send all requested information, it may take longer to resolve your issue. We may also not be able to solve the problem without this information.

What is a log

Visits to a website or connections to a server (for example, the mail server) are recorded in a temporary log. Errors are also recorded in this log. Storing this information is necessary because we can, for example, stop attacks, but also to find problems. Because we are dealing with a large amount of data here (this can be 100,000+ lines), we ask for specific information to find more situation specific logs.

What information do you need?

  1. IP-address
    With your IP address we can find connections that you have made to the server. You can have both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address. You can find the IP address here with a shareable link:
    Note: is a white label name of ours. You can also use this for your customers/visitors.
  2. Date and time
    This allows us to find the logs at exactly the right time. Even with an IP address, we may find too much data to relate to your report.
  3. Steps to reproduce it
    Website If you visited a website, we would like to hear what you were doing at that time.
    E-mail If it is an e-mail notification, we would like to receive the following:
    1. Sender
    2. Receiver
    3. Subject
    4. Server settings
    5. Which e-mail client you use