For cloud backup, workstations and mobile devices no special configuration is required. Other backup agents do require specific ports to be opened. We have listed the ports that need to be opened for Acronis Cloud backup below.

TCP443, 8443For accessing the backup console, registering the agents, downloading the certificates, user authorization, and downloading files from the cloud storage.
TCP5905, 7770 - 7800Communication between components
TCP445, 250001Remote installation
TCP443, 902Access the vCenter Server and ESX(i) hosts
Data transfer during backup and recovery.
TCP443, 44445 and 55556Backup to cloud.
TCP6109Active Protection

For more information regarding Acronis Cloud Backup you can use the official Acronis Cloud backup documentation.

Outgoing port shortcut: ,5905,7770:7800,8443,44445,55556